Why Jasper Solution

  • Flat Rate Contracting Services with unlimited support
  • Certified team provides the right solution the first time
  • Long & Short Tem Consultant Base Services and Overall Assessment
  • Vendor neutral means the best solution for you
  • Full IT staff for a fraction of the cost regardless of Government or Commercial
  • Proactive approach creates improved network efficiency and productivity
  • Achieving Government Standards Compliance and Regulations

In The News

  • Recently awarded in supporting SEC.
  • Recently awarded in supporting Department of Defense agencies.
  • Recently awarded in supporting US MINT
  • Jasper added EMC as a partner.
  • We are proud to be partners with Juniper Network for past 3 years and supporting multiple different environment.
  • Jasper is proud to be partners with Adobe
Contact Phone: 1-(613)-514-8106

Business Performance Management

Jasper Solutions is known for its remarkable work quality with customers in helping them define their performance requirements. Once these are defined we help these to map to information held within the organization.

We work with key members / employees of organization to understand their requirements, review it and provide clear strategy to align this with required processes.

This enables organizations to obtain the visibility required to make decisions on the required technology solution.

At Jasper our objective is to help organizations:

  • Improving business performance with an integrated solution for monitoring, analytics and planning.
  • Ensuring right alignment and accountability across the entire organization.
  • Empowering and ensuring more decision-makers to impact the performance of the business.
  • Allowing transparency, security and auditability

Please contact us on support@jaspersolutions.com to learn more