Why Jasper Solution

  • Flat Rate Contracting Services with unlimited support
  • Certified team provides the right solution the first time
  • Long & Short Tem Consultant Base Services and Overall Assessment
  • Vendor neutral means the best solution for you
  • Full IT staff for a fraction of the cost regardless of Government or Commercial
  • Proactive approach creates improved network efficiency and productivity
  • Achieving Government Standards Compliance and Regulations

In The News

  • Recently awarded in supporting SEC.
  • Recently awarded in supporting Department of Defense agencies.
  • Recently awarded in supporting US MINT
  • Jasper added EMC as a partner.
  • We are proud to be partners with Juniper Network for past 3 years and supporting multiple different environment.
  • Jasper is proud to be partners with Adobe
Contact Phone: 1-(613)-514-8106

Data Managment

Data Managment

Jasper solutions Inc help you manage and govern data throughout its lifecycle. Our expertise helps your organization in meeting their

  • Align applications to adapt to appropriate tiers of services in your organization.
  • Propose and implement solutions to ensure elevated level of conformity and safety for the data.
  • Help in transferring or migration of data to cost effective infrastructure.
  • Assure effective management of sensitive data.

Top Concerns of Clients

  • Optimizing Infrastructure –Get your highest return on investments by optimizing your datacenter and infrastructure.
  • Transforming Infrastructure – Help you in making your data center agile by ensuring secure and virtual environment to help you in your vision.

Our Solution

  • We help in building, refitting and/or migrating your data center based on your requirement for your IT system.

At Jasper, we not only help in redefining your business today but also for tomorrow to ensure your objectives are attained in future.

Please contact us on support@jaspersolutions.com to learn more about our Data Management Services